Cagayan Episode 4: Odd One Out

Airdate: March 19, 2014
Cliff Robinson
“We’re not the brain tribe. We’re the crap for brain tribe.” – Kass McQuillen
Rating: 6 + Tier A (5) = 11

Somewhere around the 20-season mark of Survivor, season rankings went from a fun debate to an arduous exercise. When I joined the online fan community around All-Stars, I had no reason to expect that we hadn’t even come close to hitting the show’s halfway point, and somewhere along the line, juggling the nuances that make China better than Panama lost its appeal. And yes, I realize the irony of writing that on a blog dedicated to rating and reviewing every Survivor episode.

I’m not a brain writer. I’m a crap for brain writer.

While it’s been quite some time since I’ve compared and contrasted every season, I’m pretty sure that Continue reading “Cagayan Episode 4: Odd One Out”

Africa Episode 11: We Are Family


Airdate: December 20, 2001
Frank Garrison
“I can bid better with a little drink in me.” – Tom Buchanan
Rating: 6 + Tier A (5) = 11

Watching an episode of Survivor from 2001 is a pretty jarring experience 19 years later. You’ll see disturbing things you would never see on TV these days, such as:

  • Good ol’ boy Big Tom taking pleasure in bathing the ladies, and everyone laughing it off
  • A giddy Big Tom celebrating that he gets an extra share of ham because he pooled money with a “Jew boy”
  • Frank lamenting the liberal stranglehold on American media…on CBS
  • An extended, poignant solo scene of Frank staring in awe at a beautiful Kenyan sunset

Holy crap, that last one is shocking enough to Continue reading “Africa Episode 11: We Are Family”

Africa Episode 13: Truth Be Told


Airdate: January 2, 2002
Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper
“It’s completely gone to cutthroat mode. And if I think that Tom, I think that he’s in a situation where he’s about to screw me over and stab me in the back, I’ll cut his throat.” – Lex van den Berghe
Rating: 6 + Tier A (5) = 11

One of the most heart-breaking moments in Survivor history didn’t occur during the 39-day stretch of a season. It was Continue reading “Africa Episode 13: Truth Be Told”