Guatemala Episode 11: Everything is Personal

Airdate: November 24, 2005
Gary Hogeboom
“There’s a winner and a loser in this game, and if you’re going to be jealous then you’re an idiot.” – Stephenie LaGrossa
Rating: 8 + Tier D (2) = 10

“It just feels like all is right in Survivor world.”

“It is…just for a minute.”

Guatemala remains a truly monumental yet simultaneously neglected chapter in Survivor history. It introduced the inarguably most impactful twist the show has ever seen in the hidden immunity idol, paired new and returning contestants together for the first time, and might stand as the single greatest example of the power of editing, which I’ll get to a minute.

But its legacy couldn’t be summed up any better than in Continue reading “Guatemala Episode 11: Everything is Personal”